If you are looking to donate to a specific project please visit that projects donation page, or check out what fundraisers are currently underway on our projects page! Projects/Fundraiser

All donations to a specific project or fundraiser will be used solely for that project as detailed on its page.

While our staff and contributors are all volunteers, maintaining our operations and infrastructure is not cheap. Any donation not made to a specific project or fundraiser will be used to cover operating expenses, expand the reach of our work, or support existing projects or fundraises at the discression of the board of directors.

Some examples of operating expenses include legal fees, tax returns, renting space for events, liability insurance for events, web hosting, and applying for and maintaining incorporation and 501(c)(3) status.

We appreciate any donation you can give us!

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All donations will be processed in accordance with our donation policy. It is our intent that all donations earmarked for a particular purpose are used for that purpose, but we may on occasion need to re-allocate funds in accordance with our 501(c)(3) mission. For example, in order to fund BOINC development we need to make sure our organization remains in good legal standing and so funds may be used for tax preparation, legal, and other administrative costs.