Gridcoin Development Fund

Developed during the second altcoin boom as the first PoW bootstrapped coin to transition to PoS (2013) and the first entirely science-based blockchain and Open Economic Network, Gridcoin is an open-source multi-incentive permissionless blockchain that mints and distributes cryptocurrency to various contribution-based and point-accruing systems. It currently distributes currency according to the relative processing power a network participant directs toward data-driven analysis and scientific discovery across BOINC.

A primary driver of Gridcoin is to utilize distributed ledger technology to incentivize the connection between science and the public. Its main incentive structure encourages researchers to educate the public as to the value and methods of their research while encouraging the public to seek out information on the research itself.

For 10 years the Gridcoin community has rallied behind technological developments that connect the public with science. Their technology requires community discussions on scientific value take place in language understood by everyone, not just academics and field specialists. The community has welcomed countless individuals into the world of distributed ledgers with open arms and an open mind. All of this without any formal representation or avenue for funding.

The SCI believes that expanding and supporting the blockchain and economic protocol behind Gridcoin will serve to establish a resilient and persistent connection between science and the public. That's exactly what the Gridcoin Development Fund will do.

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