BOINC Development Fund

The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing is a software tool connecting researchers with large data sets to an international network of volunteers willing to contribute their computational power. The combined computational power of BOINC’s volunteer computing network comprises one of the world’s largest supercomputers.

BOINC has one of the most dedicated and vibrant communities in open-source. Whether it's finding a treatment for a disease, exploring the cosmos, finding prime numbers, or simply advancing science participation and inclusion through distributed computing, the BOINC community volunteers their hardware, electricity, and time to support their passion.

Unfortunately, BOINC has suffered from a lack of development funding over its lifespan of 20 years. This has hampered its usability and functionality, preventing new user engagement and full utilization of hardware resources.

Indeed, BOINC’s network of volunteers continues to shrink. For BOINC to thrive it needs the means for continuous development and support. Since the closure of the SETI@Home project and bounties, there hasn't been a way to monetarily support BOINC and its developers. Your contributions to the BOINC Development Fund will go directly towards bug bounties and BOINC development.

These bounties and developments will help us add a number of bugfixes and features to the BOINC software with the goal to enhance BOINC’s usability and user experience.

Currently Supporting

BOINC development via Bounty Board

BOINC Radio Podcast - Listen in the player on our home page or where ever your get your podcasts!

We also produce promotional materials for BOINC and promote BOINC projects via online promotional efforts.


We can accept donations via PayPal, CC, and Crypto. Please see our donate page for more information.