Why it matters

It is easy to look at the problems plaguing the modern scientific process and think somebody else will solve it, and indeed they might. But, and as it is with so many public goods, surrendering our responsibility means sacrificing our agency.

What will science look like after the next stage of the information and digitization revolutions? It's dated technology and processes that define mechanisms such as intellectual property, funding, peer-review, data management and ownership, replicability, impact and reputation scores, credit, publication items and objects, and even access to physical resources are undoubtedly going to change. Will the path of consolidation, profiteering, and gatekeeping continue, or will a new way of doing things emerge?

The opportunity exists to make knowledge creation and translation more open, collaborative, efficient, equitable, accessible, and trusted. We can build a system of science that actively engages and empowers all stakeholders, producers, and consumers within the system; where researchers control the knobs and levers along-side administrators and institutions and where the public actively participates in the discussion of process and even creation of scientific outcomes.

Creating this reality is not without challenges, however, and will require a combination of technical, political, financial, and social talents. That is why we made The SCI, and that is why we are asking for your help.

Get involved by joining our Discord server, engaging with us on Twitter, attending one of our events, emailing us directly, or by donating to a fundraiser, project, or through our donations page. We look forward to the discussion!