DeSci Ecosystem Fund

The DeSci movement is using novel technology to build tools for the scientific system. These tools will remove inefficiencies, redefine incentives, and reimagine what access means. Beyond all that, The SCI believes that the DeSci movement and the tools it is building are critical for rebuilding the bridge of trust between science and the public.

We strongly believe that a connected DeSci is a stronger DeSci. We will continue building a project-agnostic, permissionless, and free infrastructure on which the DeSci ecosystem can rely for support. With your help we will grow to support events and freelance development in the DeSci space while developing avenues of outreach and education for people new to web3 and DeSci, and for those who want to use DeSci to get involved with the scientific system.

Currently Supporting

DeSci Weekly Roundup

DeSci Community Resources

DeSci News Aggregation and Curation


We can accept donations via Paypal, CC, and crypto. Please see our donation page for more information.