Gridcoin Community Fund

For almost 10 years the Gridcoin community has rallied behind technological developments that connect the public with science. Their technology requires community discussions on scientific value take place in language understood by everyone, not just academics and field specialists. The community has welcomed countless individuals into the world of distributed ledgers with open arms and an open mind. All of this without any formal representation or avenue for funding.

The SCI hopes to support the Gridcoin community in its quest to use distributed ledger technology and economics to bring science to everyone, and everyone to science. Donations to the Gridcoin community fund will be used to support, grow, and further establish the Gridcoin community in the ever evolving distributed ledger industry.


We can accept donations via the following methods:

  • Paypal
  • CC/Debit Card
  • Crypto

Be sure to choose the correct project fund you want your donation to support, or let us choose and we'll put the money where it is needed most!

Did you know that The IRS classifies cryptocurrency as property for tax purposes? This means that donating crypto, as opposed to selling crypto to donate fiat, is the most efficient way to support our cause!